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Offices in Attica

75 Galinou str - Piraeus

tel:  +30 210 4314133

tel:  +30 210 4323198


Offices in Crete

38  L. Soudas  str - Chania

tel:  +30 28210 88102

fax:  +30 28210 94091




"1-rooms.com" on line travel guide by etravel


1-rooms.com is a portal tourist information site and provides services for  individuals, groups and professionals, who visit the wonderful  Greece and especially the island Crete. 1-rooms.com offering on line  accommodation, car rentals, transfers, cruises, coach excursions, guided walking tours, sporting activities, cultural events, and other high quality services. Enjoy your virtual tour and make hot deals about your summer holidays.

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All the personal info remains secrete and we use them only for contact perpose.

For any additional info email us info@etravel.gr




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